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Heritage is one of the largest domestic and custom lift manufactures in America. In an industry filled with website based distributors, we are a group of real guys, who build great lifts, in a real manufacturing facility. For years the Heritage team has been manufacturing a variety of lifts, from the residential standards to the most complex lifts in the world, for the biggest names in the industry. We have now started marketing our own brand; taking that same quality and experience directly to you. At Heritage we are here to prove that there are still lift companies in the U.S.A. who truly care about their customers.

Mid-Am Auto Lifts - Four Post Lifts

All of our high quality lifts are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

You've heard all the stories and claims from other auto lift companies; Now it's time you meet the boy's that build the best!

Mid-Am Auto Lifts - Four Post Lifts

Industry Leading Service and Quality to Match!
Please call Toll Free: 1-855-254-5438